M9 Digital Solutions

M9 is a Managed Service Provider which delivers significant advantages to its customers.  We can trace our origins back to the 20th century and have thrived by helping customers get the most out of their IT.  In that sense nothing changes.  We bring leading edge technical solutions to our customers and support their businesses going forward. 

On the other hand, everything changes. 

The issues of high-availability, security, disaster recovery, mobile devices, information accessibility etc have largely been solved from a technical perspective.  The issues to-day are about user experience, implementation, instant response from support, systems uptake and adoption, best practice, compliance and integration.  M9 builds its business model around this.

Customer satisfaction is not enough, it’s about user experience.  Everyone can have access to an enormous range of tools which, in theory, makes them more productive.  In practice, a poor implementation does just the opposite.  M9 is here to help.

We take time to understand your business and your users and craft solutions around their requirements.  We look at benefits realisation, communication and stakeholder requirements and we deliver a solution that delivers significant benefits to our clients.  If we think a solution isn’t right, we say so.

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