A huge number of corporate intranets fail to deliver their objectives.  They become the equivalent of a landfill for documents, are isolated from other business systems and are often inaccessible.  To redesign and repurpose your intranet you need to focus on five key areas.

  1. Accessible from any device

Mobile usage is much more prevalent than traditional fixed It and your intranet access needs to reflect this with multiple device support and responsive design.

  1. Security and governance

Allow flexibility in the control of content whilst maintaining security with appropriate authentication and authorisation.  This is a function of policy and practice supported by the technology.

  1. Interworking between applications

It’s really important to implement a solution that can integrate and surface content from all required corporate solutions.  Without this, essential information is either not available or it becomes an unworkable task to make it so.

  1. Ease of Use

A solution that delivers complexity without considering ease of use will fail.  Equally it’s an error to deliver simplicity at the expense of the usefulness of the information.  Good design is essential, again, with real thought going in to policy, practice and training of content providers.

  1. Partnership

With a proper partnership between vendor and customer focussed on these key areas, your intranet can deliver transformational change to your organisation.


Adda will help solve these problems for you and ensure a true business enabling intranet is built.

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