• M9 is committed to take responsibility for improving the environment, dedicating time to the community and improving the workplace. At the M9 Group we take our responsibilities seriously.
  • M9 has a strategic plan in place that involves all employees, including staff that are not based in our London HQ office.  The plan contains a range of activities and actions with a goal of positively impacting the environment, community and the workplace.
  • M9’s CEO Grant Ingram is working very closely with the Corporate Social Responsibility programme and takes it seriously, he ensures that all employees are on the same journey. 


M9 focuses and is passionate about contributing to the community. M9 is proud to raise money and awareness for our chosen charity The Brain Tumour Charity. We organise and participate in many fundraising activities throughout the year such as sponsored walks, office games and Christmas charitable activities. At Christmas time, M9 donates money to St Martin-in-the-Fields Homeless Charity instead of sending Christmas cards.  

We will continue to raise money regularly and research other activities we can participate in locally as well as globally.


M9 strives to protect the environment.  It is something that is extremely close to everyone’s heart at M9. We seek to minimise our negative environmental impact by introducing activities and changing individuals’ behaviours in the workplace on a daily basis, whether its by turning off monitors when they leave the office, turning the TV off in the meeting room and having an earth hour every Friday which includes turning all lights off for an hour.


At M9, we go above and beyond, ensuring that we provide equal opportunities to all employees, at all times.  We encourage all employees to participate in a wide variety of corporate activities and ensure that the activities organised are appropriate for all staff members.  We have a diverse and inclusive workforce including 15 different nationalities, we are always keen to increase this figure!