Your users internet traffic should be encrypted

Unencrypted internet based communications are more vulnerable to interception and hijacking. It is important that your company and personal traffic is protected to reduce the chances of someone stealing your data.

Protecting internet traffic is essential for safeguarding personal and business information.  Thousands of people use the internet every day, whether it’s work related, online shopping or just browsing.  Using an unsecured network leaves you vulnerable to individuals potentially gaining access to passwords, company data, and client/customer personal information.

As more organisations are moving to cloud-based operations, internet security becomes even more important as users are able to access documents from any location.  Therefore, enhanced, high-quality security is essential to help prevent corporate and personal information from being stolen.

Do your users use the internet every day?  Do your users work from multiple locations/ countries?


You need a central managed solution in place that provides a layer of security to avoid any personal or corporate information from being stolen.  You need to have the appropriate controls implemented to deliver advanced security and internet encryption to all users in all locations. Additionally, real-time reporting and analytics are essential to give you insights into threats and vulnerabilities, so you can see and control activity inside your network.