M9’s Cyber Security capabilities continues to grow


The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport report released earlier this year reinforced the continued emergence of cyber threat as a significant risk to businesses across the UK and globally. Some 32% of UK based businesses have identified a data breach or attack in the last 12 months whilst only 31% of firms have carried out a cyber risk assessment and only 36% have cyber governance policies in place.

Here at M9, as a Managed Service Provider and IT company, both our own data security and that of our customers is of paramount importance to us. Our record for security is one of which we are proud.

We are very aware that companies themselves are best placed to understand their appetite for risk to their business models and critical assets but it is important that we, as their partners are able to advise and assist them in setting their strategy and defining their investment and risk positions to address the cyber factors affecting them.

The M9 group use GCHQ threat intelligence and industry leading technology and combine it with a focus on training our people and having the right policy and processes in place. This three pronged approach delivers highly effective cyber security for both ourselves and and our clients.  So successful that in the last five years no M9 Group client has been the victim of a successful cyber attack.

This statistic is undoubtedly a positive indicator of M9s delivery in this field but we also understand that the landscape is constantly shifting and there is no room for complacency. It is why M9 continue to build our proficiency and have recently welcomed another experienced cyber crime subject matter expert, Paul Hoare (SOCA e-Crime, Metropolitan Police Central e-Crime Unit and recently the National Cyber Crime Unit), to work closely with M9 to continue to grow and develop our capability to respond to the cybercrime threats. I am delighted to welcome Paul to the team and strongly believe his contribution will cement M9s position as a sector leader in providing our clients with the best opportunities to protect their assets and businesses. Click here to view Paul’s bio.