Meet some of the M9 team! 

Hannah Tilling

Working at M9 means that I am part of an enthusiastic, cultural and hardworking team that delivers excellent customer service.  Additionally, M9 means being part of a small multi-national, increasing the ability to problem solve for our clients.  M9 thrives from going the extra mile to enhance customer satisfaction by using our wide variety of knowledge across the business. M9 means being part of a cultural community, optimising complex interests, diversity and innovation.

Salman Qureishi

M9 is all about going that extra mile for our customers. We build a strong and ongoing relationship with our clients, to ensure they are involved with us every step of the way. We aren’t just an MSP. We truly understand the pains that our customers face, that’s why we don’t just support our clients we grow with them as well. All our teams at M9 collaborate with each other, whether it’s the service desk, projects team or even developers. We all contribute to ensure our clients receive a successful delivery. 

Lina McKenna

Human Resources is key at M9 – we aim to be an employer of choice, attracting the best talent in the industry.  We then nurture our  people and develop them in their careers.  By providing a range of benefits and an environment where individuals feel happy and motivated, M9 grows and evolves successfully.

As HR Manager, my role is to ensure our great people deliver great work to our great clients.  Always.  Simple.

Samantha Godwin

M9 has innovative aspirations, to me we have a vision and mission I believe in. Our business goals and direction is something I am incredibly excited and proud to be a part of. Our team are dedicated and focused on only the best for our customers and I couldn’t choose a better group of diverse people to be surrounded by on this journey of technical evolution and business transformation. Like any other business we have our challenges,  having a supportive team from our directors to our 1st line engineers who understand our commercial objectives, drives our decision making and problem solving. 

Stephen Rochefort

Joining M9 in 2001 and still here shows that M9 is in my blood. I started as a 1st line engineer and over the years have taken differing roles all the way to Director which has developed me as a person. The work I carry out now is fulfilling, being able to discuss and understand the customers predicaments, work out strategic consultative approaches to fixing them. I have run the ISO27001 data security certification since inception in 2013, and as such, means that security is at the forefront of my approach. I also am a GDPR practitioner which comes in handy for data security and defining policies for data. 

Marlene Aguilar

Working at M9 means ‘Team Work’ in a friendly and rewarding atmosphere. We work excellent individually but we’re also great at working as a team – communicating effectively with each other we are committed to our customer and are driven to problem solve by listening, identifying and understanding their IT issues and needs. M9 strive to go the extra mile  – by being a small multi-national ourselves we understand our customer and use our united knowledge to ensure they adapt to today’s evolving technology. We always endeavour to maintain a high level of service and over exceed our customers’ expectations.

Maureen Unaka

Working at M9 is about exceeding customer expectations while providing our customers with best applications, software, hardware that allows them to carry out their jobs effectively.

Working here has given me a chance to work with some of the latest technology available in the industry to better support our customers. M9 Group is a company that listens to feedback from employees and customers on how to improve ourselves for better service delivery.

Simon Whitehouse

M9 means forward thinking, it means being there for our customers night and day. We get a kick out of helping people and nothing satisfies us more than solving that problem that stopped you from working or delivering the project that will enable you to push your business to the next level. M9 means we care.

Mayi Castillo

Working at M9 is about being driven so that we strive to be the best, agile so that we adapt quickly and move at pace, open so that we all learn and grow and being a family so that we care and challenge in equal measure. Being obsessive about customer experience and satisfaction is vital for the growth and acquisition of new business.