Paul Hoare - Cyber Security Professional

Paul is an award winning, experienced Cyber law enforcement professional with a wealth of experience of the threat landscape and successful mitigation techniques.  Paul has been at the forefront of international policing’s cyber development for the past 12 years. As a senior leader at the National Cyber Crime Unit (part of the National Crime Agency) he held primary responsibility for UK Law Enforcement’s initial response to every major cyber incident in the UK working closely with the National Cyber Security Centre, Industry and this sector groups.

Paul led on the NCCU’s interaction with the wider Cyber Policing family both within the UK and with international partners and also the strategic relationships with private sector partners across a number of sectors. He was the founder and chair of the Strategic Cyber Industry Group, working closely with Industry and Government partners in a number of Cyber defence forums, giving him a unique insight into law enforcement, regulators, public and private sector drivers and approaches to Cyber Security at many levels.

As a Detective in the Metropolitan Police Paul led proactive firearms and threat to life operations where risk identification, documentation and decision making were key. Both extrovert and technically adept Paul has led several of the most high profile cyber investigations in the UK, including the Wannacry attack and was awarded the International Chiefs of Police global award for innovation in the field of cyber crime investigation. 

Paul holds CISSP accreditation and has a Master Degree in Cybercrime Investigation and Digital Forensics from University College Dublin and coaches junior football which he maintains makes his work based achievements look straightforward!