There will be many ways in which the Cloud will change the way we do business. Awareness of the benefits of
cloud computing has grown greatly and its not all about cost savings. One theme is already emerging.

Businesses are becoming more like the technology itself: more adaptable, more agile, more networked and more specialised.

These developments may not be new, but the advance of Cloud computing will speed them up and make the
challenges easier to overcome. Clearly there are also still perceptions and barriers against the effective
mainstream take-up of Cloud based services as this survey updates. Yet business leaders are committed to
moving forward with the Cloud as a part of their strategy.

In many ways, the business benefits of the Cloud are obvious. The high-risk strategy in the current economic downturn is to batten down the hatches and do nothing. The lower risk strategy is to exploit the new Cloud capabilities to break the inflexibility of legacy, gaining process change, flexibility and agility, and the ability to take out operational costs – all vital in managing a business through very challenging times. However, its not all about cost and a considerable number of businesses look at cloud solutions as a means of increasing flexibility and adding new capability to their organisations.

The advent of the Cloud means that the focus has matured from a preoccupation with building capability in terms of infrastructure and applications to how to access that capability, wherever, or, whenever you require it. This means that the ultimate measure of success will be how IT services are delivered, and the satisfaction of the user experience and whether it creates the capacity for more focused business performance improvement.
The findings from this survey clearly highlight that the hype over the Cloud has yet to die down. As a result businesses remain interested and engaged but are sceptical about the promises that many vendors and suppliers are making and have concerns about the security of data. There is no doubt that there is a lack of confidence in the Cloud but many companies felt that when looking for a supplier, a Code of Practice would be important (62%) while a further 28% considered it essential in their selection process.

So in summary – the advantages of Cloud services are often well understood and desired, but making a clear choice of service provider is less clear and can be improved through a Code of Practice.

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