Our Mission

To ensure that our customers are confident in M9; that we care, that their technology is in safe hands and that it evolves with their business.

We Treat

We treat employees, customers, partners and suppliers, with honesty, openness, courtesy and respect.

We Focus

We focus on serving our customers and exceeding their expectations.

We Operate

We operate on a good corporate governance basis and demonstrate a high level of integrity at all times.

We Recognise

We recognise that we are professionals at all times.

What our clients say*

Timeliness 95.4/100
Technical Ability 96/100
Interpersonal Skills 98/100
Overall Communication 89/100
Overall Service 93/100

*Q1 2016

What we do

M9 implements and manages a wide range of digital solutions in many sectors.

Our highly skilled team understand how important it is to deliver an effective service and implement an IT strategy that suits each of our clients. We appreciate that you need a trusted Manage Service Provider (MSP) which is why our other clients choose M9.





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