Covid-19 Update

Everyone is starting to adjust to Covid-19.  Some people are more seriously affected than others, both personally and from a business perspective.  Clearly the important thing is to stay safe and healthy, M9 can help with the business aspects.  What we have found is that in the first few weeks it was a frantic scrabble to get something like a normal working environment set up and in some cases our customers were severely affected by the lockdown.  What we are seeing now is that everyone is starting to understand that, whilst the acute effects of the lockdown are being felt, it’s probably changing the way we work forever.  We are now getting many more requests to set up professional level home working capability and the things that are having to be considered much more closely are the security of the current environment, which has often compromised the information integrity of organisations.  The threats from Phishing are well known and publicised but the critical threats we are anticipating are around ransomeware..

We look after your users and your business securely, globally and 24/7.  User experience is key to M9 and we build our business, from recruitment and training of M9ers, through definition of our product and service offerings, to our approach to customer care, around delivering an excellent user experience.

Cloud Solutions
Disaster Recovery
24/7 Support

What our clients say*

Timeliness 95.4/100
Technical Ability 96/100
Interpersonal Skills 98/100
Overall Communication 89/100
Overall Service 93/100





What we do

We understand business problems and analyse, design, build, implement and support solutions to those problems.  We use leading-edge technologies to deliver an unsurpassed user experience and allow you to do things that were previously very difficult or impossible.

How we do it

Communication, Collaboration and Control.  Modern information technology enables communication with anybody, at any time, across the globe.  M9 helps you to take advantage of this.  We also support securely collaborating by sharing and accessing information between authorised people and groups around the world.  This allows you to work faster, smarter and more effectively – if it is suitably controlled.  The potential for confusion rather than creativity increases exponentially with the number of individuals involved.  An improperly implemented solution, without proper usage policies and guidelines, security protocols and support will destroy user confidence.  M9 implements solutions properly, with controls, training and support which enables people to work better together.

Employee Incentives

M9 has an employee incentive in place called "CEO's 100's Club".

This monthly incentive is based on staff getting 100% SLA for first response and resolution on IT Support tickets!

In May we had an "unprecedented" tie with 3 winners!

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