M9 is focussed on providing an exemplary set of services to its clients.  A significant number of those clients have multiple sites, more often than not, globally.  The cloud is an important part of our service, as those organisations need secure access to information at any time from any location.  We have experience migrating a significant number of organisations to take advantage of the cloud, most of which are very easy and some of which are more complex.

M9 offers:

  • Cloud readiness assessments.
  • Cloud migration services.
  • Cloud solution architecture.
  • Public and private cloud.
  • GDPR compliance advice relating to cloud solutions.
  • Cloud security solutions.
  • Cloud support services, solution monitoring and 24/7 support.
  • High-speed, reliable, secure and cost-effective network services.
  • Unified communications cloud solutions.
  • Audio-visual solutions.