Does your IT system allow you to collaborate with your colleagues and customers in real time?

The word collaboration is now so overused and overhyped it’s almost become meaningless.  People refer to software with a social component (chat, messaging, document sharing, etc.) as an effective collaboration tool, and we’ve found this causes no end of confusion for our clients.  Despite the almost daily take-up by businesses of the latest, “revolutionary” tools, we still find that many businesses suffer from and complain about poor collaboration between teams, post go-live.

This encouraged M9 to consider the true purpose of collaboration and what it really meant to our clients. More importantly, M9 discovered that collaboration is driven primarily by human interaction, and no tool on its own can magically solve the problem and that a poor implementation can exacerbate the problem.

M9 has the in-depth knowledge and capability to deliver truly collaborative solutions by taking the time to gain a greater understanding of how your teams work together in your business.  By partnering with you to optimise your internal teams’ communication and the embed tools that will enable successful collaboration, M9 will help deliver the considerable benefits from effective collaboration. 

M9 is recognised as a trusted advisor who thrives on delivering purposeful solutions and great customer service.

This is why our clients choose M9!