Whether aiming to accelerate time to market, drive sales, boost client satisfaction or beyond, the development of your organisation’s applications mix can make or break reaching your business goals. Staying ahead of evolving compliance and technology standards can be taxing enough without the added burden of critical development projects.

M9’s Custom Application Development services can help by providing one-time or recurring guidance and solution implementation to help meet your business needs.  We can work with you to deliver expert knowledge and proven technology in support of everything from package customisation and integration to custom-developed solutions. Our in-house team can help design, build, implement and support your application solutions, enabling your organisation to move forward with confidence.

Exploring the Custom Application Development Team

The team behind M9’s CAD is composed of a broad spectrum of professionals with deep technical, industry and functional expertise. Our project managers, software engineers, business analysts, QA analysts and UX designers have unique experience with web design, content management, ecommerce solutions and internet-enabled business applications and packages. 

Based on your specific needs, we first assemble your custom project team, after analysis suitable methodology for your software development project needs is adopted, which may include SDLC and Agile, we then design and implement an appropriate solution. From conception to completion and acceptance we collaborate closely with you to deliver the best solutions to ensure your satisfaction.

Common Technology Leveraged: Microsoft .NET CORE, C#, C++, Visual Studio 6.0, Java, SharePoint, HTML, CSS, JSON, Jscript, SQL Server/ MySql / Oracle/MongoDB


How can M9 help?


  • In-house products: Analysis & status
  • Bespoke


  • Web
  • Document & content management 
  • E-Commerce
  • Business Intelligence

Our process: 

  • Product prototyping and designing 
  • Software development
  • Application integration and customisation 
  • Support and maintenance


  • Integration with systems and protocols protection 
  • Policy definition to control users
  • Generation of protected networks
  • Analysis of data protection and sensitive information 
  • Resources and access control 


  • Mobile applications 
  • Control centres and deployment 
  • Management and control platforms 
  • High-performance systems 
  • Integration with existing / third-party systems