Central management

Secure platform

Increased productivity

The concept behind G-Mach, 18 years ago was to develop an application that would support companies within the industrial print industry.

Gmach2020 specifically supports a broad range of equipment from Heidelberg printing machines to the latest CD presses, as well as used die cutters, laminators and carton folder gluers from companies such as Bobst, Jagenberg and many others.

Gmach2020 was designed with ease of use in mind to make sure that even non-technical users could use it with comfort to support their businesses all around the world.

In essence G-Mach offers users:

  • Centralised management for specialised equipment specifications.
  • Extensive algorithms that facilitate matching prospective buyer requirements against stocked, owned and archived equipment.
  • A secure (and encrypted) platform where customers fully own and can easily access their own data.
  • The ability to batch data imports.
  • The latest version of G-Mach will also allow users to develop customised marketing campaigns.

G-Mach is adjustable to our customer needs, it can be configured as:

  • A Cloud-Based: You can access Gmach2020 from everywhere and at anytime.
  • On-Premise: you can have the license that lets you have the application on premises, where you have a total control of your data.