Have you got visibility and control over the applications and services your users are using?

Zscaler gives you fast, secure and direct access to your applications


Application performance


Data loss prevention


M9 has a strategic partnership with Zscaler.  Together, we can provide your organisation with secure IT by introducing software-defined policies, not networks, to securely connect the right user to the right application or service. The platform is designed to replace your security appliances at the inbound and outbound gateways. Zscaler gives you visibility and control of the applications and services that each user is using, in what location, at what time.


Avoid network latency and improve the user experience: Zscaler provides a rich, fast internet experience for the user.

Protects mobile device users: The same policies and protection are enforced on all users’ devices.   

Simplification of IT: Zscaler frees valuable IT resource to focus on strategic challenges, not patching and managing network appliances.

Real time reporting:  Transaction-level logs for any employee, at any location, from any destination is available within seconds.

Application optimisation: Bandwidth control can optimise the use of business applications (O365) at the expense of Facebook and the Mail Online.  

Access control

Cloud firewall

URL Filtering

Bandwidth control

DNS filtering 

Threat protection

Advanced protection

Cloud sandbox


Data protection

Data loss prevention

Cloud applications

File type controls